What I Do

What a reading with me is like

Getting A Private Reading

For those who would like a one-on-one reading with me, I offer 40 minute private readings over the phone. Before placing the call, I pop my shoes and socks off and meditate to clear my head and get into a more relaxed and receptive state. I then will connect to your energy based on the questions you ask me at the outset of the reading. I like to establish a connection to you first based on things going on in your life, such as relationships, family, and work. This helps me to hit the ground running. I will then run off onto new details as they come to me and will always leave room for those in spirit to pop in with messages as well. I will say specific names, describe relationships, clarify feelings and comment on situations in your life. There are moments when the personalities of those in spirit come through colorfully, leaving little room for doubt as to who is talking!

Doing a reading over the phone presents no challenge to me in and of itself. There is no "distance" in regards to psychic energy, and therefore the connection is just as clear for me as if you were sitting next to me in person. During the reading, you are encouraged to participate and ask questions. Every question is a valid question and I will treat it with respect — from grandmom to your guardian angel to going back to school or not. You're welcome to ask who's going to win the World Series, but to be perfectly honest, unless you're on the team yourself, it's probably not going to generate many details.

It is very important that no one enters into a reading trying to elude or challenge me, as that reading will liklely generate messages of poorer quality or can even fail to connect altogehter. Your heartfelt and sincere intentions are what makes the conduit of energy possible. It is truly a circle of healing and love that extends from me to you to those in spirit, and when it all swirls together, it can be a magical and therapuetic experience!

Coming to a Group Reading

Throughout the year, I host larger audience group readings which are ticketed events held at various locations. I start each reading with a brief introduction and then sit for a few minutes to meditate before beginning. I will walk the room for 2 to 2 1/2 hours, channeling messages from those in spirit, as well as commenting on important situations going on in people's lives. The content of messages varies as much as the energy of the people in the audience, and since group readings tend to bring in a wide range of people, from the most energetic believers to the most walled-off skeptics, I can't guarantee that everyone present will receive a personal message. But it definitely increases your chances in receiving a message if you arrive in a positive and open mindset. Group readings are a lot of fun and a great opportunity to witness the broad range of messages I'm capable of delivering.