imgPrivate Readings

Individual one-on-one phone readings

All private readings are performed over the phone and are $135 for a 40 minute reading.

Things to Know Before Scheduling

· The best results occur when you initiate the reading for yourself. Purchasing this as a gift for someone else is not recommended.

· Select a time when you can sit quitley alone without distractions for up to an hour. You should not be driving. I'll ask to be taken off of speakerphone and/or bluetooth for the best conneciton.

· Certain apps may be available to record your phone call. Sometimes Spirit prefers their messages to be for your ears only in the now. If I mention that I'm having trouble connecting clearly, you will have to stop the recording.

· I'm not a clairvoyant psyhcic or mind-reader but rather a channeler of spiritual energy. The difference is that many things can throw off my ability to connect. Your own attitude towards me plays a critical role in allowing me to connect. I cannot produce the best results for those who are guarded, hesitant or reluctant to speak. There has to be a circle of energy that harmonizes between you, me, and those in spirit for the clearest details to come through for you.

Scheduling your Private Reading

Schedule your reading

All private readings are scheduled on a rolling month-to-month basis. Each month's available appointment times will be posted on the first of the month prior. To request an appointment, email your name and phone number to:

You will then receive an email with a list of available times. If all times have already been filled, then you will be added to a list to receive the next month's available times. To reserve your reading appointment, full payment is due at the time of booking.


For cancellations, refunds, or a one-time reschedule of your reading appointment, a minimum of a 48 hour advance notice must be given. If you miss your reading time without giving proper advance notice, you cannot be refunded or rescheduled.

Preparing for Your Call

Setting Intentions

You can support the energy of your reading by taking a quiet moment to think up a few specific questions prior to your phone call. This has the effect of "putting it out there" like programming the intentions for your reading. I will often start by taking one of your questions right up front as this helps me to build up the energetic connection to you personally. By talking about topics going on in your own present or future, I can then build up the circle of energy that allows me to channel messages from those in spirit who remain connected to you. However every reading is unique and I may begin by relaying a few impressions I had received before placing the call and move on to addressing your quesitons afterwards. Either way, once I'm established, I will often run onto new messages on my own as they come to me.

It's often helpful to stir up a few questions about situations with the living, anything in your life really, from personal or emotional challenges you may be facing to curiosities about directions in your future, even your family, your work life, love life, you name it. It's all fair game as long as it generates a positive energy that I can connect with for you.

Take a moment before your phone call to sit quietly and relax. Connect within yourself to that sense of healing that you will feel once you hear the messages of genuine understanding and love from those in spirit guiding you toward the Greatest Good.

The goal is to produce a spiritually moving experience to help you heal within, to grow as a person, and to feel more hopeful about who you are and the life you're living. When the circle of energy comes together, I myself can feel it flowing through me and will often get lost in the channel of beautiful messages. Thank you for this opportunity to share this journey+. I look forward to speaking with you!