imgPrivate Readings

Individual one-on-one phone readings

Scheduling your Private Reading

All one-on-one private readings are performed over the phone and are $100 for a 40 minute reading. It's good to find a quiet place to sit alone without any distractions for at least 40 minutes for your session. Due to the circle of energy and intention, I can only read for people who purchase the reading for themselves; therefore, it is not suggested that you purchase this reading as a gift for someone else.

To schedule your private reading, email: with your name, contact phone number, and preferred time. Full payment is due at the time of booking to hold your appointment time.

It's good to prepare a few specific questions about situations in your life you're curious about to ask at the beginning of the reading. This allows me to jump right in to the most relevant energy and I can easily elaborate further and move onto additional topics.

Is It Really the Same Over the Phone?

Our physical locations do not affect our psychic connections. This is true for all living things. I have never noticed a decrease in clarity for any readings I have done for people literally all over the world. I will begin your reading by discussing situations going on with you in your life, family, work, relationships, future events, anything that you're curious or concerned about. Once I've established an energetic connection to you, I will often run off onto new topics and will always leave the door open for those in spirit to pop in with messages as well.