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  • How Long Should You Wait to Get a Reading? Is there a certain amount of time that you should wait after a person passes before you attempt to contact them?
  • Sleep paralysis: A Spiritual Explanation When sleep paralysis can't be fully explained by science, it's time to consider spiritual ways to explain it and cope with it.
  • Developing Your Psychic Abilities The unique ways your mind receives psychic information and the ways you can practice opening and improving your psychic channel.
  • Signs of a Spirit Presence When those who have passed away remain interested in you, they may leave a sign of their presence. What are these signs and what do they mean?
  • Visitation Dreams What separates a real visitation dream from a regular dream and how to encourage a spirit to visit you at night.
  • Imagination & Reality A discussion on the intertwining of imagination and reality when opening up to believing that those in spirit remain with us.