imgGuided Meditation

Relax and Connect with Spirit.

Meditation Pack


Relax and Receive


A great place to begin your meditation journey! This guided meditation walks you through the process of relaxing your muscles and your mind at a gentle pace to enter into an open state of being where you can receive a personal message from someone in the spirit world.

duration: 35:14 filesize: 67 MB


Let Go and Listen


Release all tension and stress. This guided meditation uses a similar technique at a slightly brisker pace and includes new imagery to hone the channel of your imagination more clearly. Let go and listen to what those in spirit are saying.

duration: 24:24 filesize: 47 MB


Take Off and Tap In


For when you're pressed for time but still feel the need to "tap in" to the spirit world. This guided meditation carries you into relaxtion more rapidly and therefore may not be as effective for everyone. However, some may find this direct approach more desirable. Give the faster method a try and see how it works for your own personal practice.

duration: 20:22 filesize: 37 MB