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> How long should you wait after someone has passed before getting a reading?

> Is there an age limit for people to get a reading?

> Is there any way to get a reading with you sooner?

> Why can't there be any alcohol before or during a reading?

> Can I record my session?

> Can you clear me or my home of bad spirits?

> Do animals ever come through in a reading?

> Should I bring anything like jewelry or a photograph?

> Do you walk around reading people in public?

> When did you realize you had this gift?

How long should you wait after someone has passed before getting a reading?

It's generally a good idea to wait at least a full year after someone has passed away to try to connect with them through me. However, this is not the case for every passing, and there are numerous factors that can either decrease or increase this time. It comes down to the way in which I connect to spirit. In order to receive messages clearly, I go into a light trance state in my head whereby I can sense and feel those in spirit, and they can sense and feel me and through me the physical world. For many in spirit, they can channel through me without any issues whatsoever, and even find it highly enjoyable and healing. However, for those who have passed recently and perhaps even suddenly, sensing and feeling the physical world may stir up negative nostalgia or complicated emotions that they haven't yet put into a higher perspective. The longer a spirit remains in the afterlife, the greater the chances of them seeing things from a more enlightened perspective and consequently they can channel messages through me in a very therapuetic and loving way. To get a better idea of how long you should wait to contact a specific spirit, I made this ten-minute video that better explains the nuances more thoroughly: When Should You Get a Spirit Reading?

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Is there an age limit for people to get a reading?

For private one-on-one phone readings, you must be 18 or older. To come to an event, it is recommended that you should be at least 16 with the consent and presence of a parent or guardian. If you're not sure whether or not you should bring someone to a reading because of their age, keep in mind that every person's disposition and personal energy factors into the overall energy circle for everyone else present in the reading. The messages I deliver can often be full of deep emotions and may deal with adult topics that can be diffcult for some younger attendees to put into perspective; therefore, their presence in the reading may influence the way in which I word these messages and may even prevent some loved ones in spirit from speaking clearly without reservations on certain topics.

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Is there any way to get a reading with you sooner?

You can request to be put on a waiting list; however, cancellations are very rare. Due to the nature of my ability, connecting to bring through messages uses my personal energy and so I can only do a limited number of readings in any given week lest I get burned out. Psychic burn out is no joke for me. When it has happened in the past, no one on my schedule gets a reading until I can fully recover. I've learned to be very careful about "squeezing in" even my own family and friends for readings. However, with that said, there may be an opportunity to get a reading with me sooner than the avaialble times that I'm currently offering. Throughout the year, I host larger group readings which are ticketed events for a limited number of people. More info on upcoming group readings can be found here.

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Why can't there be any alcohol before or during a reading?

Oh boy. This is a big one! There's two reasons for this. For one, the energy of intoxication, even the slightest feeling of a buzz, can draw in spirits of a lower astral frequency. Translated, there are some in spirit who are drawn to the temptation of feeling buzzed, and if they're out there, they can get very heavy handed into our reading through me to interfere. We need to keep our intentions absolutely positive, hopeful, and encouraging! I do my part before each and every reading setting positive intentions, visualizing angelic white light all around us, and believing in my heart that we are channeling the highest Love. But this brings us to Reason #2: The energy of your intentions greatly influences my ability to channel clearly for you. I have a hard time reading skeptics, people who challenge me or put their guards up, and people whose intentions don't match the required energy I need to establish a connection. Thinking about a reading as a fun time to have a few drinks is going to skew the results for you away from something enlightening happening and making it harder to bring through loving healing messages.

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Can I record my session?

You can try! I usually explain it this way: Those in spirit have a clear view of The Big Picture. They know that there is an energy that enters a reading and can influence the way in which you hear the message as intended. In some cases, they won't come through unless you are not recording, as listening to the messages in the future could alter the way you hear and understand them. Or they don't want someone else hearing it and affecting that other person perhaps negatively. There's also the case when someone in spirit retains remnants of their human personality and disposition towards keeping things private or feeling awkward talking about emotional topics and would rather it not be recorded. With that said, the opposite can also be true, that those in spirit want you to record the session! That they know you won't make sense of certain messages until a future date when they will compel you to pull up the recording and listen to it again. So I always tell people when they ask if they can record: "You can try!" The only way to know for sure is to experiment with it and see what happens!

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Can you clear me or my home of bad spirits?

No way, José! Not my forte. I am like a delicious steak filet to lower astral spirits that wish to get into the physical world. If I enter your space and feel some form of heavy darkness, I will likely run out of there immediately! There are many people who actually can clear such things very effectively, and it's not my cuppa tea! I've heard from many other psychics and mediums over the years who tell me what I need to do to "protect myself" and to lift bad spirits "into the light" and it seems to work for them just fine. But I've tried it, and I get very personally affected, my whole vibration shifts to match theirs and I get easily taken over, so it's a big nope from me! And for anyone who thinks I'm doing it wrong and this shouldn't use my personal energy and I shouldn't be as personally affected by lower spirits, I say to them, we're just two different people with two different abilities, maybe they're a visionary clairvoyant and I'm a channeler of energies, maybe they stay rooted in their bodies and receive psychic information and I have to go half in my body and half not, in order to receive information. Different strokes for different folks! All I know is it works for me the way it works, and I'm not trying to deliberately interact with lower astral spirits! I may, however, be able to recommed someone who can help.

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Do animals ever come through in a reading?

Absolutely! When I first got into doing readings for other people, I focused on verifying those in spirit directly with details, and the more practiced I got interacting with the energy of spirit, the more I began to drift into other things that seemed to be coming from a place of love and light, and that started to include pets! Sometimes I will get so involved with the energy of an animal in spirit, that I wil begin to take on their demeanor and personality. I even once started unconsciously scrathing my ear while talking with a dog who had an itchy skin problem on his ear before he passed!

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Should I bring anything to our reading like jewelry or a photograph?

It's not necessary for me to connect clearly and for you to receive accurate detailed messages. I would rather go into a reading without that much information. So if you had photographs or jewelry that you wanted me to see, I would wait until after the reading to talk about that. It can be fun, however, if you would like to secretly bring a personal object that has meaning for you to a reading and then see if I arrive at some comment about it from those in spirit without you telling me. It doesn't always come through, but when it does, it's always fun!

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Do you walk around reading people in public?

Really, not so much. Not really ever anymore. Back when I was still getting my sea legs as far as doing readings and understanding how it worked for me, I would lose control of the off/on switch if I was out in public and had one too many drinks. A few beers wouldn't do it. I would have to be pretty loose before I ever started getting the tap out. And after those experiences, I learned that it's almost never a good thing to do readings for me around alcohol! Energy-vibrations set aside for the moment, just getting too emotional, making people cry and have to leave the bar. Not good. And then there's the energy issue. And what kind of spirits are going to be drawn in when there's alcohol around. Again, not good. But as far as being sober and just walking around in public on an average day? No, I've never gotten messages for people without first consciously deciding to go into the proper tranced-out headpsace I need to be in first. I don't have that kind of ability, for better or worse. I have to choose to go there in my head. And back when I did try those things, it was always mixed results. I'd be trying to read one person, only to have another unrelated person in the room chime in that it was in fact, their own grandfather. I couldn't clearly hone in on demand to one specific person in a public setting.

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