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Messages from Spirit

Upcoming Group Readings

April 23, 2021: Cape May

originally April 25, 2020
rescheduled dates: May 23 > July 25 > April 23, 2021
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April 30, 2021: Cape May

originally May 1, 2020
rescheduled dates: June 20 > August 29 > April 30, 2021
Sold Out

May 7, 2021: Millville

originally March 27, 2020
rescheduled dates: May 9 > June 12 > July 31 > May 7, 2021
Sold Out

May 14, 2021: Millville

originally April 10, 2020
rescheduled dates: May 29 > June 26 > Aug 14 > May 14, 2021
Sold Out

Tickets: $55

To purchase tickets, email with your name, the date of the reading, and number of tickets you'd like.

Space is limited to create a more intimate experience. By keeping the audience smaller, I can make an effort to get a little something for as many people as possible; however, not everyone present is guaranteed to receive a personal message.

What to Expect when Attending

I begin each evening with a brief guided meditation in which I calmly talk everyone into a positive and receptive mindset, creating an energy in the room that I find to be very helpful in channeling messages directly from those in spirit. I then jump into walking the room for about 2 hours, bringing through messages that can range from specific names and details to entire personalities and phrasing come through clearly.

This is a different type of experience than what is traditionally understood as a "psychic medium reading" in that the energy comes through me in a way that can sometimes resemble spirit channeling. To increase your chances of receiving a message, I ask that you please avoid any alcoholic beverages before the reading. I try to create an uplifting positive and even fun atmopshere, so it's totally encouraged to smile, laugh and enjoy the evening! Group Readings are a fun way to check out the range of healing, moving, and even sometimes funny messages that I can deliver.

Thanks so much and I hope to see you soon!